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M'art'ch Madness Winners

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

This year's M'art'ch Madness competition submissions were inspiring, unique, and diverse.

Check out the full gallery of submissions, including short films of dance and sculpture, on our 2022 M'art'ch Madness page.

Grand Prize Winner

Mckayla Howlett, a Senior from Lehi High School, is this year's grand prize winner. Her visual art piece depicts the backstage of Lehi High School's production of Pride and Prejudice. Learn more by reading her artist statement below:

"This piece depicts the set of Lehi High School’s 2022 production of Pride and Prejudice as seen from backstage. The theatrical arts have always been a love of mine, and it was amazing being able to play a part in the realization of a play, instead of simply being an audience member. I want to remember my first production in the advanced tech class as the fond experience it was. This is why I chose oil pastels to capture the dream-like colors and soft textures of the set. I’ve loved art my whole life, and I’ve seen so much improvement in my work over the past six years. Making and correcting countless mistakes has taught me resilience, which has had a huge impact on my confidence. It has influenced every part of my life; my perspective has changed now that I see the world through an artist’s eyes. I have made most of my friends because of art. All my hobbies and interests are creative in nature, and I can always find something new to learn or experiment with. I struggle with anxiety, depression, and ADHD, but art is therapeutic for me. It always offers exactly what I need when I’m struggling; it’s grounding and consistent when life feels chaotic, and it gives my escapism an outlet when life is dull and repetitive. Art is a huge part of me, and I can’t imagine my life without it."

Judges' Choice Awards

Our panel of judges comprised of members from Utah's arts education organizations UAEA, UMEA, UDEO and UACTT chose art-from specific winners for each of the categories represented by this year's applicants: digital arts, visual arts, and dance. Read more about our Judges' Choice Award winners below!

Mason Bouwhuis - Photography, Kearns High School, 12th Grade

"Because of the arts, I have been able to find comfort in my grandfather’s death. My grandfather was a great artist, and was the reason I wanted to start photography. I have felt a real closeness and admiration for him by exploring the world of photography. Some of the pictures my grandfather took helped me to see the world through his eyes and I wanted to do the same. I wanted others to see the world in a new way and see the beauty of everyday life."

Sami Robison - Visual Arts, Corner Canyon High School, 9th Grade

"Art has been a survival tool for me throughout my life, but especially during the recent Pandemic. Moving to online school, not seeing friends, and not going out in public was extremely difficult for me. I fell into a deep depression and did not want to get out of bed in the morning.

Focusing on art offers relief from my stress and anxiety. Through art, I am able to express my emotions into each unique piece. Another benefit of art is the ability to meet new people sharing common interests. Finally, two of my Grandparents are artists and I believe our love for art has strengthened our relationship and ability to communicate despite our generation gap.

Art gives me something to work hard at, reflects the process of my improvement, and demonstrates the skills and knowledge I have gained on a piece of paper or canvas. My artwork has a story behind it, a special meaning to me, and it affords my viewers to channel their own memories or thoughts into what they see.

My inspiration for this painting is from a recent visit to Wheeler Farm. Many of my ancestors were hard working dairy farmers loved and admired by all. Although I did not have the opportunity to meet them, I feel connected to my heritage with this art submission."

Aurelia Olson - Dance, Springville High School, 11th Grade

"My dance is entitled “A life." I choreographed this piece to show the story of someone growing up and going through different experiences. Dance and the arts have made such a difference in my life because I can express myself in a unique way. Dance also creates a way for me to tell stories. For this piece I wanted to showcase some of the emotions I have felt while growing up and some of the things I hope for in my future!"

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