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M'art'ch Madness 2023

Earth. Arts. Life.

Grand Prize Winner

Adylade Powell

Roosevelt Union High School, 12th Grade

When I was in Elementary school, I remember walking home one day, and the sun was shining bright. It was warm and I felt good. I was peacefully walking along when a butterfly appeared out of nowhere. It landed on my shoulder for a minute before taking off again. My little mind was sure that this was something that only happened in fairytales. So for a moment, I was living a fairytale.

Judges Choice Awards

This piece is called “Through the Generations." I choreographed it to portray ancestors (those dressed in white) helping those of us in the present day (the individual dressed in dark green) who are in turn helping their posterity (those dressed in light green). The main individual depicted is struggling but receives guidance from loved ones who have passed. She eventually accepts their help and passes on the same guidance to future generations. Dance has had a huge impact on my life. It has healed, inspired, and connected me with others and the earth. I hope that I can convey that to those I share with.

Hannah Dickson

Lone Peak High School, 12th Grade


Cole Stratford

Kaysville Elementary, 4th Grade


Cole was born a very unique and special boy. By the time he was 3 years old, our family was beginning to understand how neurodiverse he was and spent many hours working closely with medical professionals and special education teachers to help Cole navigate his world both educationally and emotionally. Different from his peers, he didn’t always fit in…and he faced many challenges that his peers didn’t.


An avid Michael Jackson fan, Cole was ecstatic when the school decided to put on the musical, Seussical Jr. When Cole was chosen to be one of the leads in the show (Horton the elephant), we were admittedly nervous. Would this massive endeavor even be possible for him? Despite our concerns, we dove right in, doing everything we could to help Cole feel successful in the role that he was cast.


It was a miraculous experience to witness Cole memorize lines and music. He enjoyed rehearsals because he had found friends and a place where he belonged. No one thought he was odd, and no one made fun of him.


We cried while listening to him sing the words in “Alone in the Universe”. It was as if he was actually singing about himself, not Horton. Cole might seem different from his peers, but he has magic in him that we can’t always see with our eyes. Because of the arts, our amazing Cole has found happiness, confidence, and a belief in himself that he otherwise was struggling to find!

El Oro de La Tierra


The name of this piece, when translated to English, is “The Gold of the Earth”. I resonate a lot with this phrase, because I find the process of ceramics to be refining, cleansing, and enduring. From the material being something as insignificant as dirt, to the grit of molding and spinning a shape, to finally being refined by fire- I find it to be an analogy to my life. It is my chaining connection to ceramics and the similarities between the production of clay and my own life that I wanted to show appreciation for in my work. I’m thankful for dirt and all the life that it has provided, it should be treated like royalty.

Abigail Garcia

Lehi High School, 11th Grade

Visual Art

Anonymous Student 19

Provo City School District




I wrote this piece about my birth mom. She made a lot of not great choices when my sister and I were little. Though I was young when she made her mistakes they still affect me to this day. Songwriting has helped me a lot with the trauma I had because of her. Because of songwriting I have been able to forgive her and move past her mistakes.

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20 Finalists

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Group 1:

Valentina Payne, Suara Steed, Jaden Howe, Roxy Davis, Madeline Gheen, Katie Kim, Hannah Dickson, Keilia Uluave, Reed Uasilia'a, Aurelia Harrison

Group 2:

Lezlee Crittenden, Chloe Schartmann, Adylade Powell, Ainslie Shepherd, Joseph Stephenson, Cole Stratford, Rebekah Glod, Alexa Taylor, Augusto Perera Quevedo, Scarlett Kennedy

Group 3:

Evie Shaffer, Grace Weekes, Olivia Peterson, Sasha DiStefano, Addison Moulton, Reuben Weekes