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M'art'ch Madness 2024

"Creating Connection"

Grand Prize Winner

Ainslee Nylund

Lehi High School

The title of my piece is “Interlocked”. The subject for this sculpture is human connection. In this piece, it shows two people standing, who are fused together by their heads, arms, and one leg. The medium for this sculpture is floral foam, coated with metal paint. I used steel paint, and then sprayed an oxidizing patina, as well as rust. The colors shift between dark green, brown, and bright orange. I used a fettling knife to carve out the negative spaces. Then I just used my fingers to blend out the rough edges. I made a base for the sculpture, and used E6000 to glue the pieces together. I’ve always been interested in the human form, and how deep the mind is. It’s a lot more intricate than we all realize. I created this sculpture to show the strong connection within a healthy relationship. They are completely in tune and can depend on one another without feeling used by one another. They’re comfortable enough with each other that they can share their honest emotions and thoughts. They communicate strongly and help one another in every aspect. I really enjoyed trying a new art medium that I had never seen before. My goals were to push my limits, and to portray an image that everyone can enjoy and interpret in their own way. It was difficult to start this piece. But once I got some negative space opened up, it was pretty easy to work with the foam.

Judge's Choice Awards

Abigail Garcia

Lehi High School

Visual Arts

To build this vessel took 5 tries. To add the chains took the destruction of 20 other chains. To balance the additional vessels took eternal effort. But after much perseverance, I got the final piece I envisioned. This piece is very special to me, as I have been doing multiple ceramic pieces to help me connect with my culture. I am American, Mexican, and Peruvian. Balancing all of these cultures has connected me to my heritage. And art can do the same for you!

Isaac Heath

Wasatch High School


My orchestral composition, “Connect, Belong, Become,” encapsulates how I create connection and my belief in music’s ability to shape our society. Through musical ensembles, I am able to connect with others who have my same passion. I love music because it brings people together, makes everyone feel belonging, and inspires personal growth. Music connects us with others regardless of background or culture. I love that, whether it's through singing in a choir, playing in a band, or simply sharing playlists, we can create lasting bonds. It's in these connections that we find our place, feeling part of something greater than ourselves. Music also propels us to grow as musicians and as people, sparking creativity, igniting passions, and encouraging self-discovery. Through our experiences with music and musical people, we are inspired to evolve, learn, and become better versions of ourselves. I believe music plays a vital role in creating connections, helping us belong, and helping us all become better, hence the name: “Connect, Belong, Become.” I have been arranging and composing as a side hobby for about two years now, and I am still learning a lot as I experiment. This short piece was composed using Musescore 4 and its Soundfonts as well as Spitfire Audio’s BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover VST.

Izaya Bob

White Horse High School


Hello! My name is Izaya Bob, I have lived in Montezuma Creek, Utah for about 17 years with my Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, 2 Uncles, and my older brother. Every day, I have the urge to keep my community spirit alive and many more to come. To me, one way I can accomplish this is through my dancing. Living my urban life helps me alot with my math, speech, and knowing basic common sense. For example, knowing simple math can help me make my powwow regalia by measuring and cutting leather a certain length for different parts of the body or having a loud voice. It helps me meet new people. On August 19, 2023, I arrived at Ute Mountain Casino in Towaoc, Colorado for the Men’s Fancy Special where fancy dancers from all over the world compete for the next champion dancer. The prize was a thousand dollars with a star quilt blanket and jacket. The reason I danced in this special is because Tony Tallbird used to be one of the best Southern Fancy Dancers in the World. For the past four years, his family has sponsored this special. (He passed away six years ago.) The past winners are my dad and Grandpa from my dad's side. Knowing this made me dance as hard as I could during the special in order to honor Tony and my family.

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