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Talent in M'Art'Ch Madness

During our most recent M'Art'Ch Madness Competition, the Arts for Life Utah team viewed over 60 student-made art works. Due to the nature of the competition, not every entry could be submitted to the bracket. However, we want to feature more of our favorites that you may not have seen yet. Read below to find more student entries with their corresponding artist statements!

Eva Groeschl: Buds: I have a deep connection with flowers. My best friend, Brandi Clark, has a deep connection with me. Therefore, she has a deep connection with flowers. All flowers have meanings. They can be different from all over. To me, flowers represent a sense of perfection and beauty. I find it hard to find a flower ugly because no petal is like the other. Me and Brandi are not carbon copies of each other, but we complete each other. We are constantly found together.

Dayana Packer: Two different people from different races being tied together by the golden string of life also known as fate. The meaning behind this is that it doesn't matter what race, gender, or how a person looks, all that matters is that we are all connected to each other by something other than what we are.

Erin Grimshaw: There are numerous connections in setting up hot air balloons: clips, hoses, tabs, poles, etc... but nothing compares to the connections made by the people in this community. For several years my family has attended many balloon festivals. There is something magical about these colorful giants that effortlessly leave the ground for the clouds. I have recently begun volunteering at hot air balloon events. Through this, what I first saw as a fun event became something much more. I found a group of people that come together to do something they love. People I otherwise would have never associated with, quickly were becoming my friends. This picture depicts four real hot air balloon pilots and their respective balloons. This past January one of the pilots passed away while helping one of his friends.  I created this picture for Greg, one of pilots I crew for, who was very close to the pilot that passed. In fact all these pilots were close and many others in the ballooning community are left learning to cope with this devastating loss. Creating this drawing gave me a way to give back to a community that has given so much to me. While I'm still new to the ballooning community, I have been welcomed with open arms, taught new, skills, made friendships across several generations, and learned how this beautiful hobby brings people together. I wanted to do something for this community that is all about sharing joy, even during sad times. Soft landings Keith.

Rae Lauber: Anam Cara n.) A Celtic concept of a "soul friend." This is two people coming together as one to create something extraordinary. Art helps create deep connections through emotion. People can interpret art in many different ways which is beautiful to me

Rachel Min: Art helps me make connections to myself, my emotions, and my memories. One topic that I have been focused on is connecting to my memories and emotions through art. In this one specifically, I connect with my love for nature by capturing it in my art.

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