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Life sucks, but at least I'll get to go to choir today.

Hi Mr. Johnson,

I just wanted to share a quick thought about what happened today in choir. When you asked us to sing "Not While I'm Around," as if we were singing it to someone, I had the thought to sing it to myself. (I have been struggling really hard recently with depression and anxiety, and had forgotten my medication this morning so I was struggling a bit more than normal today). So we started singing, and I was just crying so hard, but it was so healing to sing those words to myself and I just wanted to thank you for bringing about that opportunity today.

I feel so blessed to be able to be in that choir class. I don't think there's been one class where something hasn't made my day, and many times it's the motivation I use to get out of bed in the morning because "life sucks but at least I'll get to go to choir today." I just wanted to thank you for facilitating such a wonderful class that literally has changed my school year so far. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I know I'm not perfect in class. I talk more than I should and I have checked my phone a few times when I was supposed to be sitting quietly. It seems like I'm being disrespectful and like I don't care, and I'm really trying to get out of those habits. So I apologize for that. I just wanted you to know that your class has made such a difference in my life and even though I may not look like it, I'm so happy to be there.

Anyway, sorry for the word vomit, but thank you so much!

Alice Paulsen, Period 3

Submitted by a high school choir director in Davis County, names changed for privacy.

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