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Dancing "Gratitude" with Viewmont Dance Company & Noah Ashworth

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Submitted by Danielle Petersen, Yoga & Movement teacher at Viewmont High School on behalf of UDEO

Shyann Everett, a senior at Viewmont High School, shares this reflection on a recent collaborative performance for the Davis County School Board:

"Performing in front of the school board was an enriching opportunity. As a group, we collectively used the dance elements (Body, Energy, Space, and Time) to generate original movement. This was a collaborative project between Viewmont Dance Company, Alli Ball – who is a Viewmont dance alumni, and Noah Ashworth – a talented local musician. We explored and researched the topic of “gratitude” and used the dance elements to abstract our movement to create the final product. It was a new experience to work with a live musician to simultaneously create the sound and movement together. It was a very synergetic space where each dance artist could insert a piece of themselves into the final product. Being able to share this collaborative work with the school board was enriching and inspiring. Instead of just telling the board how dance works and why it matters, we showed them, and even physically involved them by teaching how to abstract literal shapes in our bodies. It was cool to get them involved with us and have them actively participating in small things that we do every day."

Shyann Everett, Senior, Viewmont High School Dance Company @vhsdancecompany @dancingalli @andtheark9

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