the arts improve life and learning

The arts improve life and living! Arts education provides meaningful opportunities for individuals to become better acquainted with and nurture themselves, as well as empathize and connect with others. When hardships come, when triumphs are made, the arts are often a balm, an oasis, a place of safety and celebration to navigate strong emotions and big experiences. 


The Utah Partnership for Arts Education’s Arts for Life Initiative shares stories of how the arts have personally affected the lives of students, educators, and their communities. By highlighting personal stories, the Arts for Life Initiative reveals the rich significance and benefits of arts education.

the arts impact student's lives

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Many students express that

their participation in the arts saved their lives.

How many students show up to school because they don't want to miss their arts classes?

How do the arts nurture confidence, resilience, self-esteem, and connection?


How have the arts impacted your life? Do you have a story to share? Share them with us!

You can participate in the Arts for Life Initiative by sharing stories of your arts learning experiences and how they have impacted your life and/or provide arts experience for family, friends, and community members that improve life and living. 


Tag your stories and arts learning experiences on social media using #artsforlifeutah or #shareyourartsstory, send us your story, photos, or videos to Stories collected via email will be posted on social media and on our website in an effort to demonstrate the breadth and depth of the impact of the arts on our lives. 

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A unified voice for arts education across the state of Utah.

The Utah Partnership for Arts Education (UPAE) is a partnership between the professional arts education organizations in Utah to strengthen the voice for arts education in schools. It was created in 2018 when the presidents of Utah Art Education Association (UAEA), Utah Music Educators Association (UMEA), Utah Dance Education Association (UDEO) and Utah Advisory Council of Theatre Teacher (UACTT) came together, by invitation from the BYU ARTS Partnership, to create and publish a compilation of arts advocacy resources for public school administrators and arts educators called “Building an Arts Rich School". 

As the presidents of UAEA, UDEO, UMEA, UACTT, and the BYU ARTS Partnership worked on "Building an Arts Rich School" they witnessed the strength of their shared collaboration. Determined to keep the momentum going they created the Utah Partnership for Arts Education. Together the presidents of these organizations determined the mission of the Utah Partnership for Arts Education would include two purposes: to be a collective voice of advocacy for arts education and to launch the “Arts for Life” initiative.

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