M'art'ch Madness Canvas Courses

Canvas courses have been published by each of our partner organizations to support students in their contemplation of what art means to them, why they create art, and to create a social media post and work of art to reflect their thoughts. The works of art produced as part of these assignments would make great submissions for the M’art’ch Madness Digital Art Competition. An extension activity to submit to the competition is included at the end of each course.

How to find the modules:

Visit the Canvas Creative Commons and search for the following module titles or authors to import the module into your current courses. Searching for the author first may be the quickest way to find the module.

  • Visual Art: Why Does Art Matter? by Anna Davis, UAEA (January 11 - March 1)

  • Dance: Why Does Dance Matter? by Heather Francis, UDEO & AFLU (flexible date)

  • Theatre: Why Theatre? by Mindy Curtis, UACTT & AFLU

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Drama Program Insert

Promote Arts for Life in your playbill. 



Share the Arts for Life Initiative with a poster in your school.


Music Program Insert

Print Arts for Life fliers for your concert program


Sample Story

Post this sample story in your classroom to inspire others.

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